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Sarah J. Maas - Series: A Court of Thorns and Roses, Throne of Glass
Alan MacDonald - Series: Dirty Bertie
Peter Macinnis - Series: Drum
Cameron Macintosh - Series: Max Booth Future Sleuth
Jake Maddox - Series: Jake Maddox Girl Sports, Jake Maddox JV, Jake Maddox Sports, Team Jake Maddox Sports
Tahereh Mafi - Series: Shatter Me
Caroline Magerl - Series: Kingdom of Silk
Gemma Malley - Series: Declaration, Killables
Melina Marchetta - Series: Lumatere Chronicles
Leslie Margolis - Series: Maggie Brooklyn
Ellie Marney - Series: Every
M.A. Marr - Series: Blackwell Pages
John Marsden - Series: Ellie Chronicles, Tomorrow
Ann M. Martin - Series: Baby-Sitters Club
Lucia Masciullo - Series: Olive of Groves, Our Australian Girl
Prue Mason - Series: Through My Eyes
Sophie Masson - Series: My Australian Story, Through My Eyes
Taran Matharu - Series: Summoner
Penny Matthews - Series: Do You Dare?, Our Australian Girl
Marc McBride - Series: Deltora Quest 1, Deltora Quest 2: Deltora Shadowlands, Deltora Quest 3: Dragons of Deltora
Anne McCaffrey - Series: Pern
Todd McCaffrey - Series: Pern
Jenna McCarthy - Series: Maggie Malone
Sarah McConnell - Series: Scarlet Silver
Mardi McConnochie - Series: Quest of the Sunfish
Alex McDiarmid - Series: Stuff Happens
Danielle McDonald - Series: Ella and Olivia
Megan McDonald - Series: Judy Moody, Stink
Susannah McFarlane - Series: Stuff Happens
Alison McGhee - Series: Bink and Gollie
Siobhan McHugh - Series: My Australian Story
Kelly McKain - Series: Animal S.O.S., Rainbow Beauty
Sophie McKenzie - Series: Blood Ties, Girl, Missing, Medusa Project
Heath McKenzie - Series: Mission Fox
Sophie McKenzie - Series: Split Second
Robin McKinley - Series: Folktales
Lisa McMann - Series: Infinity Ring
Richelle Mead - Series: Bloodlines, Vampire Academy, Vampire Academy Graphic Novel
Skye Melki-Wegner - Series: Agent Nomad, Chasing the Valley
Colin Meloy - Series: Wildwood Chronicles
Sienna Mercer - Series: My Sister the Vampire
Dan Metcalf - Series: Lottie Lipton Adventures
L.A. Meyer - Series: Bloody Jack
Marissa Meyer - Series: Lunar Chronicles
Stephenie Meyer - Series: Twilight Saga, Twilight Saga: The Graphic Novel
Glenda Millard - Series: Kingdom of Silk
A.A. Milne - Series: Winnie-the-Pooh
Simon Mitchell - Series: Do You Dare?
Elyne Mitchell - Series: Silver Brumby
Takeshi Miyazawa - Series: Ms Marvel
Aleksandra Mizielinska - Series: Welcome to the Museum
Daniel Mizielinski - Series: Welcome to the Museum
James Moloney - Series: Do You Dare?
Neil Montagnana-Wallace - Series: Megs
Lucy Maud Montgomery - Series: Anne of Green Gables, Emily
Lara Morgan - Series: Rosie Black Chronicles
Tom Morgan-Jones - Series: Boy Who Biked the World
Chris Morphew - Series: Phoenix Files
Michael Morpurgo - Series: War Horse
Emma Moss - Series: Girls Can Vlog
Joshua Mowll - Series: Guild of Specialists
Benjamin Mowll - Series: Guild of Specialists
Robert Muchamore - Series: Cherub, Cherub 2: Aramov, Henderson's Boys
Brandon Mull - Series: Beyonders, Fablehaven
David Mulligan - Series: My Australian Story
Sal Murdocca - Series: Magic Tree House
Belinda Murrell - Series: Lulu Bell, Time Slip