We've tried to anticipate what you might want to know about the site and its content. If you have a question that's not answered here, please feel free to email it to us.

How do you determine age-suitability/reading level?

Honestly, deciding on age reading levels has been one of the hardest things, as there is such a range of reading ability within any given age group. Generally speaking, we have relied on the publisher's recommendation, with some variation depending on our personal experience with the series. Many books written for children and teens are enjoyed by adults alike, hence the 'age+' ratings, rather than a limited age range. We would like to stress that 'reading level' is an approximate guide only and, as always, a parent or guardian must exercise their own judgement.

Why is my book cover different to that shown on Cereal Readers?

Our primary aim is to present series-relevant information in a clear manner, with a focus on the series as a whole and the sequence of titles contained in it. For any given book, published around the world, there can be countless covers and editions which can be found at many other sites and was not our charter to include. For any given series, we have tried to keep all books covers within the same edition for consistency.

What are companion books?

Companion books are marked with a "+" sign in the series summary list. These books are not part of the main sequence of books within a given series or story-line, but rather augment the series with regard to its fictional world, character backgrounds or side-stories, gadgets, or ancillary information of interest to readers. These include books such as activity books (younger readers), illustrated guides, hand books, and e-novellas.

Why isn't my search returning any results?

The issue may relate to spelling, special characters, a slightly different order of wording - or even an entirely different book title! (Yes, it happens between countries...) First, trying being less specific in your search; for example, instead of 'training your dragon', use 'train dragon' or simply, 'dragon'. Your search 'net' gets wider each time and will return more results. If you still can't find what you're looking for, try scrolling through the lists of series titles or author names, as shown on our Explore page. If we don't have the series on our site, please contact us so that we can add it.

Why don't you have the series I'm looking for?

Building our reference of series books is a continuing process. If you have a series you would like to see added, please email us the series name, title of the first book in the series, and the author's name, and we will endeavour to get it listed as quickly as possible.

The 'Shop this Book' link shows the book is unavailable.

The 'Shop this Book' button links to a specific published version (with an individual ISBN book code) of the book you are interested in. While we try to keep shopping links updated, books are regularly reprinted and are issued a new ISBN each time. If you find the book you're looking for is listed as out-of-stock or discontinued, simply use the search bar on the book store website to search on the book title. It's most likely you will find the book has been reissued, for example, with a different cover. If the book is no longer available new, you can search online for a secondhand copy or check your local library.

What is a book trailer?

I have to admit, when I first began coming across the growing number of book trailers several years ago, I was amazed that there were so many book-based movies coming out! But no. While there are movie trailers of book-based movies, book trailers are different. They are typically about one minute long, and simply introduce the story, usually with a collection of still pictures, text and (not always) voice-over. The idea is to quickly engage potential readers, as the visual presentation is often much more appealing than a back-cover blurb.Official book trailers are quite appropriate for viewing by the reader. A brilliant idea! Many enthusiastic book fans make trailers as well, and at times we use these when an official book trailer is not available - or then the fan-made one is better! You can see a list of series featuring book trailers by visiting our Explore page.