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Christophe Galfard - Series: George
Francesca Gambatesa - Series: Recipe for Adventure
Kim Gamble - Series: Tashi
Stephen Gammell - Series: Scary Stories
Anita Ganeri - Series: Horrible Geography
Ruth Chrisman Gannett - Series: My Father's Dragon
Kami Garcia - Series: Caster Chronicles
Sally Gardner - Series: French Revolution
Lyn Gardner - Series: Ghastly McNastys
Scot Gardner - Series: Stuff Happens
Sally Gardner - Series: Wings and Co: The Fairy Detective Agency
Phil Gates - Series: Horrible Science
Rohan Gavin - Series: Knightley and Son
Serena Geddes - Series: Lulu Bell
N J Gemmell - Series: Caddy Kids, Coco Banjo
S.D. Gentill - Series: Hero Trilogy
Elizabeth George - Series: Whidbey Island Saga
Adam Gidwitz - Series: Tales Dark and Grimm
Lucinda Gifford - Series: Chook Doolan
Yvonne Gilbert - Series: Red Queen
Libby Gleeson - Series: Cleo Stories, My Australian Story
Morris Gleitzman - Series: Misery Guts, Once
Gus Gordon - Series: My Life
René Goscinny - Series: Asterix
Chris Grabenstein - Series: Mr Lemoncello's Library
Michael Grant - Series: BZRK, Gone, Magnificent 12, Soldier Girl (Front Lines)
Jennifer Gray - Series: Atticus Claw: World's Greatest Cat Detective
Susan Green - Series: Verity Sparks
Kerry Greenwood - Series: My Australian Story
Andy Griffiths - Series: Andy and Terry's World of Stupidity, Andy G Picture Books, Bad, Bum (Butt), Flat Cat and Big Fat Cow, Just, Little Treehouse Stories, Schooling Around, Treehouse
Jill Griffiths - Series: Treehouse
Bear Grylls - Series: Mission Survival
Phillip Gwynne - Series: Stuff Happens