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Susan Green grew up by the beach and in country Victoria. She always wanted to write and illustrate books, but gave away her art studies and teaching to concentrate on writing when she won a short story competition. She has published several children’s books, including The Truth About Verity Sparks which was short-listed in the Book of the Year for Younger Readers category of the 2012 CBCA Awards. She currently lives and works in the picturesque town of Castlemaine in Central Victoria and loves trawling through local op-shops searching for interesting books to read.

Author's Comment:
Q: Which actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition?

A: I’m not sure, but they would have to be English, of course, with English teeth, not even-sized gleaming American ones. Verity herself is small, neat, with light brown hair and a pointed little face. Her eyes are grey and very shrewd and observant. I was at a birthday party for a friend the year before last, and sitting at my table was Verity. She’s the daughter of an acquaintance of mine, fourteen years old at the time, and I hadn’t seen her for a few years. It gave me quite a turn!

Nationality: Australian

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