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Justin D'Ath - Series: Extreme Adventures, Lost World Circus, Mission Fox, Stuff Happens
Chris d'Lacey - Series: Last Dragon Chronicles (The Fire Within)
Andrew Daddo - Series: Stuff Happens
Roald Dahl - Series: Charlie Bucket
Stuart Daly - Series: Brotherhood of Thieves
Kanako Damerum - Series: Alex Rider: The Graphic Novel
Zoe Daniel - Series: Through My Eyes: Natural Disaster Zones
Colin Dann - Series: Animals of Farthing Wood
Aleesah Darlison - Series: Unicorn Riders
James Dashner - Series: Infinity Ring, Maze Runner, Mortality Doctrine
Leon Davidson - Series: Drum
Sarah Davis - Series: Anti-Princess Club
Sarah Davis - Series: Violet Mackerel
Sarah Davis - Series: Violet Mackerel
Matt de la Pena - Series: Infinity Ring
Giada De Laurentiis - Series: Recipe for Adventure
Elena de Roo - Series: Ophelia Wild
Tony De Saulles - Series: Horrible Science
Terry Deary - Series: Horrible Histories (Original), Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Rachel Delahaye - Series: Jim Reaper
Wesley Dennis - Series: Misty
Terry Denton - Series: Andy and Terry's World of Stupidity, Andy G Picture Books, Bad, Cryptic Casebook of Coco Carlomagno and Alberta, Flat Cat and Big Fat Cow, Just, Little Treehouse Stories, Treehouse
Lauren DeStefano - Series: Chemical Garden
Barry Deutsch - Series: Hereville
Damian Dibben - Series: History Keepers
Kate DiCamillo - Series: Bink and Gollie, Mercy Watson, Tales from Deckawoo Drive
Tony DiTerlizzi - Series: Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles, Spiderwick Chronicles
Anh Do - Series: WeirDo
Nigel Dobbyn - Series: Power of Five (Gatekeepers): The Graphic Novel
Cori Doerrfeld - Series: Cici: A Fairy's Tale
Brandon Dorman - Series: Fablehaven, Nightmare Academy
Leigh Dragoon - Series: Legend: The Graphic Novel, Vampire Academy Graphic Novel
Tonke Dragt - Series: Letter for the King
Ursula Dubosarsky - Series: Alphabet, Cryptic Casebook of Coco Carlomagno and Alberta, Word Spy
Albus Dumbledore - Series: Harry Potter
Tracy Duncan - Series: Ophelia Wild
Helen Dunmore - Series: Ingo Chronicles