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Damian was born a stone's throw from Big Ben in London, and still lives by the Thames now. He loves to walk along the river in the footsteps of Londoners throughout history. He started life as an actor in theatre, TV and film, but his writing career soon took over and includes both film scripts and books. Damian's varied passions include cosmology, ancient history, natural science and rollicking adventure stories. He is a proud Londoner and lives on the Southbank with his dog Dudley.

Author's Comment: I have always loved books, since I read my first adventure stories when I was young (The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe and Treasure Island were two favourites) but I never imagined I would write a novel - I was not particularly good at English at school. I worked originally building and designing sets for theatres and film studios and soon developed a love of epic and visual storytelling. After a stint as actor in my twenties working in a handful of TV shows and films, I found myself writing a screenplay. To my amazement, my first attempt, Seventh Heaven, an uproarious love story set against a fictional apocalypse in 1820, was bought by Miramax and John Madden, the director of Shakespeare In Love, was attached. This led to a number of high profile commissions here and in Hollywood, working with directors as diverse as Danny Boyle, Mike Radford and Gillian Armstrong.

Nationality: British

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