The Truly Tan Series

by Jen Storer (Author) Claire Robertson (Illustrator)

Book Cover for the Truly Tan Series
Reading level: Ages 8 and up
Books in series: 6
Read in order: Yes
Tags: comedy & humour  mystery  spy  illustrated  friendship  family 

Meet Tan. She′s funny. She′s lively. She has the mind of a Great Detective...

This is a charming, adorable and amusing series is about family life, settling into a new place, making friends, and finding out more about oneself. But most of all it’s a story about a feisty, highly imaginative and resourceful girl who is totally original! Truly Tan!

Funny and engaging, children who enjoy Clarice Bean and Ruby Redfort will go mad for Truly Tan!

Truly Tan Series Books in Order

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1. Truly Tan  (2012)
2. Truly Tan: Jinxed!  (2013)
3. Truly Tan: Spooked!  (2013)
4. Truly Tan: Freaked!  (2014)
5. Truly Tan: Hoodwinked!  (2016)
6. Truly Tan: Trapped!  (2017)