The Nevermoor Series

by Jessica Townsend (Author)

Book Cover for the Nevermoor Series
Reading level: Ages 8 and up
Books in series: 3
Read in order: Yes
Next book: Sep 2024
Tags: fantasy  friendship  action  adventure  magic  family 

Enter the magical, whimsical and fascinating world of Nevermoor! This highly-awarded series provides a fast-paced plot and imaginative world with a fresh take on magic that has taken readers and the publishing world by storm.
Morrigan Crow is a young girl living a cursed life. When hope seems gone, she’s whisked away to Nevermoor to compete in a series of trials with a chance to break that curse - and live in the enchanting Nevermoor forever.
Entertaining and well-developed characters struggle to forge friendships, find their place in the world, and discover what makes them special. The series celebrates the unconventional, being courageous, and the ability to grow and change. 
Full of action and laugh out loud moments, middle grade readers – and many older readers, besides - will find this absorbing fantasy series hard to put down!

Recognition: Aurealis Award for Best Children's Fiction (2017), Australian Independent Booksellers Indie Book Award for Book of the Year & Children's (2018), Adelaide Festival Award for Premier's Award and Children's Literature (2020), Australian Book Industry Award (ABIA) for Book Of The Year, for Younger Children (ages 7-12), and for The Matt Richell Award for New Writer of the Year (2018), Prix des libraires du Qu�bec for Jeunesse 12-17 ans (2020), Prix for Meilleur roman fantasy traduit jeunesse (2019)