The Mac Slater Series

by Tristan Bancks (Author)

Book Cover for the Mac Slater Series
Reading level: Ages 10 and up
Books in series: 2
Read in order: Yes
Next book: Finished
Tags: science & tech (STEM)  science fiction  comedy & humour  school  friendship 

Mac Slater has just crashed the latest prototype of the flying bike he and his best friend Paul invented. Even worse, practically the whole school witnessed it.

So when the creators of massive global webspace Coolhunters offer Mac the chance to compete for a job hunting cool, Mac thinks they're crazy. I mean, Mac lives in a small town and he doesn't have a TV, let alone a mobile. But Tony and Speed say he's so uncool he's cool.

If Mac wants to win, he has one week to prove he has what it takes. And it turns out that finding the next big thing isn't easy – especially when he's pitted against Cat DeVrees, the most popular girl in school.

Does Mac really know what cool is? Or will he crash and burn?

Mac Slater Series Books in Order

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1. Mac Slater: Coolhunter  (2010)
2. Mac Slater: Imaginator  (2010)