The Jake Maddox JV Series

by Jake Maddox (Author)

Book Cover for the Jake Maddox JV Series
Jake Maddox is back and this time, he's playing for keeps. Jake Maddox JV features the same engaging elements readers have come to know and love about Jake Maddox, including a glossary, writing prompts, discussion questions, and nonfiction sports information. These longer stories take things to the next level with characters who will face tougher challenges, harder opponents, and be forced to work even harder to win.

Summary and books in the Jake Maddox JV series

Tags: sport, action, adventure, boys, school, friendship,
Series reading level: 9+
Books in series: 16
Should read in order? No

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Books in series order
1Bad-Luck Basketball  (2015)
2Gridiron Showdown  (2015)
3Heavyweight Takedown  (2015)
4Outfield Outcast  (2015)
5Second-Chance Soccer  (2015)
6Slap-Shot Slump  (2015)
7Snowboard Hero  (2015)
8Swimming the Distance  (2015)
9BMX Bravery  (2016)
10Skateboard Idol  (2016)
11Paintball Boss  (2016)
12Snowboard Struggle  (2016)
13Soccer Stand-off  (2016)
14Tae Kwon Do Clash  (2016)
15Free Throw Fail  (2017)
16Black and Rock  (2017)