The Impossible Quest Series

by Kate Forsyth (Author)

Book Cover for the Impossible Quest Series
Reading level: Ages 9 and up
Books in series: 5
Read in order: Yes
Next book: Finished
Tags: fantasy  magic  adventure  friendship  myth & legend 

'Tell your lord to beware,’ the wild man said, gripping Tom’s arm with a dirty hand. ‘The wolves smell danger in the wind.'

The Impossible Quest is set in the faraway land of Wolfhaven. It tells the story of four friends who are forced into undertaking an impossible quest to try and awaken the legendary sleeping warriors of the past. Tom is the son of the castle cook, trained to scrub pots, not fight. Lady Elanor is the daughter of the Lord of Wolfhaven. She has been protected all her life and is not equipped for a dangerous journey through the wilderness. Sebastian is a squire who dreams of being a knight, but has a tendency to fall over his own feet. Quinn, an orphan, is apprenticed to the Grand Teller, and likes to think she knows everything.

When Wolfhaven Castle comes under attack, only the four friends evade capture. Somehow, if they are to save their people, these unlikely heroes must find four magical beasts from legend and awaken the sleeping warriors of the past. But first, they have to make it out of the castle alive . . .

Impossible Quest Series Books in Order

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1. Escape from Wolfhaven Castle  (2014)
2. The Wolves of Witchwood  (2014)
3. The Beast of Blackmoor Bog  (2015)
4. The Drowned Kingdom  (2015)
5. Battle of the Heroes  (2015)