The Scott Pilgrim Series

by Bryan Lee O'Malley (Author/Cartoonist)

Book Cover for the Scott Pilgrim Series
Scott Pilgrim is just your average 23-year-old living in Canada. He hangs out with his high-school girlfriend, Knives, and plays in the band Sex Bob-Omb with his friends. Everything's perfect for Scott . . . until the day he sees Ramona Flowers delivering packages for Amazon. Scott dumps Knives to be with Ramona, but then learns about Ramona's exes — evil exes, that is. Ramona's seven evil exes must be defeated by Scott so he can stay with Ramona.

Soon, Scott is fighting twins, vegan power, and ninjas; eventually, even Knives Chau and her dad put themselves into the ring with Scott. Will Scott defeat all the exes or will he lose Ramona forever? Who is the Gideon that Ramona keeps referring to? And will Scott's band ever get to play a real show?

Summary and books in the Scott Pilgrim series

Tags: graphic novel, fantasy, action, adventure, cartoon, romance,
Series reading level: 13+
Books in series: 6
Should read in order? Yes
Next release: Finished

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Books in series order
1Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life  (2004)
2Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World  (2004)
3Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness  (2006)
4Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together  (2007)
5Scott Pilgrim Vs. the Universe  (2009)
6Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour  (2010)