The Horrible Science Series

by Phil Gates (Author) Nick Arnold (Author) Tony De Saulles (Illustrator)

Book Cover for the Horrible Science Series
Welcome to the explosive world of Horrible Science! It's science with the squishy bits left in.

Most people think that science is serious. Seriously dreary, seriously brain-dead and seriously boring. But most people are wrong. Science isn't boring - it's horrible! And when science is horrible it comes to life in an exciting way . . .

Summary and books in the Horrible Science series

Tags: science & technology, illustrated, non fiction, humour,
Series reading level: 8+
Books in series: 30
Should read in order? No
Next release: Finished

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Books in series order
1Blood, Bones and Body Bits  (1996)
2Ugly Bugs  (1996)
3Chemical Chaos  (1997)
4Fatal Forces  (1997)
5Nasty Nature  (1997)
6Disgusting Digestion  (1998)
7Sounds Dreadful  (1998)
8Vicious Veg  (1998)
9Bulging Brains  (1999)
10Evolve or Die  (1999)
11Frightening Light  (1999)
12Deadly Diseases  (2000)
13Shocking Electricity  (2000)
14Killer Energy  (2001)
15Suffering Scientists  (2001)
16Microscopic Monsters  (2001)
17Body Owner's Handbook  (2002)
18Terrible Time  (2002)
19Space, Stars and Slimy Aliens  (2003)
20Really Rotten Experiments  (2004)
21Frightful Flight  (2004)
22Painful Poison  (2004)
23Angry Animals  (2005)
24Measly Medicine  (2006)
25Evil Inventions  (2007)
26Sick! From Measley Medicine To Savage Surgery  (2009)
27Wasted World  (2009)
28House of Horrors  (2012)
+ The Horrible Science of Everything  (2008)
+ How to Draw Horrible Science  (2010)