The Moomins Series

by Tove Jansson (Author)

Book Cover for the Moomins Series
Reading level: Ages 7 and up
Books in series: 9
Read in order: No
Next book: Finished
Tags: classic  fantasy  family  illustrated  nature  magic 

Finland's best-loved children's author and illustrator, Tove Jansson, created the magical Moomin series of books, which have delighted and enchanted generations of children all over the world.

These magical stories, complete with Jansson's trademark sepia watercolours and pen and ink illustrations, take readers into the fantasy world of Moominvalley, and introduce the Moomins, a family of friendly white trolls, as well as charming characters like Sniff, Snufkin, and Fillyjonk.

Perfect for middle-grade readers, the 'Moomin' books are classic stories from a by-gone era but will undoubtedly resonate just as strongly with children today as they have for the past seventy years.