Brave Dave

by Andy Griffiths (Author) Terry Denton (Illustrator)

Book Cover for Brave Dave

   Book 5   
Pages: 32

Meet Dave. He is brave. Really, really, really brave . . .  well, until the night!

The hilarious story from Andy and Terry's popular book The Big Fat Cow That Goes Kapow! has been formatted especially for beginning readers.

Andy G Picture Books Series—Summary and Book Order

Series: Andy G Picture Books
Reading level: 5+
Books in series: 7
Read in order? No
Next release: Finished
Tags: first chapter books  comedy & humour  illustrated  animal  action 

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Books in series order

1.   The Cat, the Rat and the Baseball Bat  (2013)
2.   Andy G, Terry D, the Brave Tea-Lady and the Evil Bee  (2013)
3.   Ed and Ted and Ted's Dog Fred  (2013)
4.   Big Fat Cows  (2014)
5.   Brave Dave  (2014)
6.   Frog on a Log in a Bog  (2014)
7.   Duck in a Truck in the Muck  (2014)