Monsters of Men

by Patrick Ness (Author)

Book Cover for Monsters of Men

   Book 3   
Pages: 608

As a world-ending war surges around them, Todd and Viola face monstrous decisions. The indigenous Spackle, thinking and acting as one, have mobilized to avenge their murdered people. Ruthless human leaders prepare to defend their factions at all costs, even as a convoy of new settlers approaches. And as the ceaseless Noise lays all thoughts bare, the projected will of the few threatens to overwhelm the desperate desire of the many.

The consequences of each action, each word, are unspeakably vast: To follow a tyrant or a terrorist? To save the life of the one you love most, or thousands of strangers? To believe in redemption, or assume it is lost? Becoming adults amid the turmoil, Todd and Viola question all they have known, racing through horror and outrage toward a shocking finale.

Recognition: Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Young Adult Fantasy (2010), Carnegie Medal in Literature (2011), Publishers Weekly's Best Children's Books of the Year for Fiction (2010)

Chaos Walking Series—Summary and Book Order

Series: Chaos Walking
Reading level: 14+
Books in series: 5
Read in order? Yes
Next release: Finished
Tags: science fiction  fantasy  dystopian  adventure  animal 

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Books in series order

1.   The Knife of Never Letting Go  (2008)
2.   The Ask and the Answer  (2009)
3.   Monsters of Men  (2009)
+   The New World  (2010)
+   The Wide, Wide Sea  (2009)