Girl's Best Friend

by Leslie Margolis (Author)

Book Cover for Girl's Best Friend

   Book 1   
Pages: 272

Seventh-grader Maggie Brooklyn Sinclair loves dogs, but she can’t have one because of her twin brother Finn’s allergies. So when Isabel, the eccentric landlady of the brownstone apartment where Maggie lives in Brooklyn, injures herself dancing Maggie offers to walk Isabel's wolfhound until she is better. She’s good at her job, and it isn’t long before other neighbours hire Maggie to walk their pooches too. Soon enough Maggie can call herself a professional (ok, amateur) dog-walker! The only problem is her parents don't think she's ready for paid employement so she must hide this enterprise from them at all costs...

Before too long, Maggie notices that dogs all over her neighbourhood of Park Slope have begun to disappear. Dog-lover Maggie hates to see a pup in trouble, so she's even willing to help her ex-best friend Ivy recover her six-toed rescue-dog, Kermit. Kermit's being held for ransom, and Maggie has noticed some suspicious behaviour lately. She must investigate this crime and come up with a list of possible suspects. But when she observes her schoolyard crush, Milo Sanchez, walking away with an elderly woman's black labrador, she must confront the awful possibility that he is somehow involved.

Disappearing dogs, a first crush, friendship woes and many surprises will make Girl's Best Friend an engaging mystery for boys and girls aged 8 and up.

Maggie Brooklyn Series—Summary and Book Order

Series: Maggie Brooklyn
Reading level: 8+
Books in series: 3
Read in order? Yes
Next release: Finished
Tags: mystery  animals  friendship  humour 

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Books in series order

1.   Girl's Best Friend  (2010)
2.   Vanishing Acts  (2012)
3.   Secrets at the Chocolate Mansion  (2013)