Holly Webb

Photo of Holly Webb
Holly was born in London in 1976, growing up in south-east London, and spending time on the Suffolk coast. As a child, she had two dogs, a cat, and at one point, nine gerbils (an accident). When she was about ten, Holly fell in love with stories from Ancient Greek myths, which led to studying Latin and Greek, and eventually to reading Classics at university. Before becoming a writer, she enjoyed working as an editor at Scholastic Children's Books, a job that has made her a lot more understanding when she's asked to make changes in her own books! She has written more than 62 books, many of them in series. Holly now lives just outside Reading with her husband, Jon, and sons, Tom, Robin and William.

Author's Comment: Lots of people want to know where I get my ideas from. I think this is probably the question most authors dread. It's so hard because there isn't really one simple answer, like, from under the bed. It's a whole mixture of things. Sometimes someone will suggest an idea to you - for the Rose books, my editor Kirsty asked me if I could write something about becoming magical. But that was it! I had to take it from there, and in fact I went through two other ideas first, neither of which quite worked, although I have a secret fondness for one of them, and might go back to it sometime. The only thing similar to Rose is that this idea has a talking cat too, but he's also a boy and quite possibly a ghost...

Nationality: British