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Nicole Joy Cameron was born in the regional Victorian town of Warrnambool in 1974, and was raised on a farm outside the small town of Woolsthorpe. Nicky and her three older brothers attended Woolsthorpe Primary School, where they were all active in sports and mostly active in their school work. She attended high school at Brauer College and it was during a Year 7 English class here that the first incarnation of 'Silver Key' was created.

After high school, Nicky spent time studying Information Technology at university and managing the two dance schools she opened, as well as travelling abroad and living in Scotland for several months, before realising her passion for children's literature. To make the idea for the series she had begun in Year 7 become a reality, Nicky sold her house and worked intermittently at a corporate job. Her first book, 'The Beginning,' was self-published in December 2010. NJ Cameron, as she is called in the book-world, currently lives in Melbourne and spends her days writing about Max, Bea and Corky and visiting schools.

Author's Comment: From an early age I was a voracious reader. I remember the very first book I read back to my mum. It was 'Hop on Pop' by Dr Seuss. She thinks it was from memory as I was about 4. I then devoured the Enid Blyton 'Enchanted Wood' series. And if I couldn't find a book to read I'd read encyclopedias...

Nationality: Australian

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