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Alan Sunderland is a television journalist and a children's author. He has written three books about a rat called Inspector Octavius O'Malley. His third book in the series has just been released called Octavius O'Malley and the Mystery of the Criminal Cats. Alan has also written Refugee - The Diary of Ali Ismail which was part of the "My Australian Story" series published by Scholastic Books in June 2006. He has also written Cosmo Cooper and the Lemons of Lockbarrel in 2002 and Toy Wars in 1999. Alan's job as a television journalist for SBS and the ABC has taken him all over Australia and overseas. He is still working in journalism, but now he likes to write children's books as well as news and current affairs stories. Alan lives in Sydney with his wife and three boys.

Nationality: Australian

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