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Ruth Stiles Gannett Kahn was born on August 12, 1923. She is the author of My Father's Dragon series as well as other short children's novels. She wrote the first novel, My Father's Dragon after her graduation from Vassar College in 1944, with a BA in Chemistry. After that book received Newbery Honor, she wrote two more novels in that series, Elmer and The Dragon and The Dragons of Blueland. This series of three books has proved so popular that they have remained in print continuously since their first publication. The books were illustrated by her stepmother, illustrator Ruth Chrisman Gannett. Gannett also wrote Katie and the Sad Noise and Wonderful House-Boat-Train. She was married to the artist, art history professor and calligrapher Peter Kahn (deceased). The couple have seven daughters and eight grandchildren. She lives near Trumansburg, New York.

Author's Comment: 'My Father's Dragon' was written to amuse myself while between jobs. I wrote it for fun, with no expectation of publication. What a happy surprise it was when Random House accepted it! Turning my story into a book was a family project. My stepmother was chosen to do the illustrations, and my husband-to-be chose the type. It was a happy collaboration. And when the book appeared in 1948, it promptly won an award-it became a Newbery Honor Book. The second and third stories, 'Elmer and the Dragon' and 'The Dragons of Blueland', came along a few years later. [from 'A Note from the Author', 'Three Tales of My Father's Dragon', published by Random House 1998]

Nationality: American

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