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Chris Bradford was born in England in 1974. In addition to being an author, he has over 20 years experience as a martial artist in various styles from Shotokan Karate to Muay Thai to Zen Kyo Shin Taijutsu, in which he is a black belt. Before becoming a full-time author he was a professional musician. Apart from the 'Young Samurai' series, Chris has written a number of books on the music business, including the critically acclaimed 'Heart & Soul: Revealing the Craft of Songwriting' (Sanctuary, 2005). Chris is a keen world traveller, having explored Europe, South Africa, North, South & Central America and Australasia; and has lived in places as diverse as Zimbabwe, Australia and Nicaragua. Chris now lives in a village on the South Downs with his wife and two cats.

Author's Comment: I do not profess to being a great martial artist. I simply enjoy the training, the combination of mind, body and spirit, and the dedication to bettering oneself. [My writing] Inspiration comes from my own life and my travels to different countries around the world. Many of the scenes in Young Samurai have an element of truth in them, whether it be a lesson learnt, a place visited or a problem overcome. The initial idea for Young Samurai developed from the fact that I began learning martial arts at an early age and have always dreamed of what it would be like to be a true samurai.

Nationality: British

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