The Warriors: Omen of the Stars Series

by Erin Hunter (Author)

Book Cover for the Warriors: Omen of the Stars Series
Reading level: Ages 10 and up
Books in series: 6
Read in order: Yes
Next book: Finished
Tags: animal  fantasy  action  adventure  myth & legend 

The 'Warriors: Omen of the Stars' series continues directly on from 'Warriors: Power of Three', and the prophecy unfolding for Jayfeather and Lionblaze. They now realize that rather than Hollyleaf, either Dovekit or Ivykit - grandkits of Firestar's nephew Cloudtail - is meant to be the third cat of the prophecy.

There will be three,
Kin of you kin...
Who hold the
Power of the stars
In their paws.

Warriors: Omen of the Stars Series Books in Order

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1. The Fourth Apprentice  (2009)
2. Fading Echoes  (2010)
3. Night Whispers  (2010)
4. Sign of the Moon  (2011)
5. The Forgotten Warrior  (2011)
6. The Last Hope  (2012)