The Wandering Son Series

by Shimura Takako (Author/Illustrator)

Book Cover for the Wandering Son Series
Reading level: Ages 13 and up
Books in series: 8
Read in order: Yes
Next book: Finished
Tags: graphic novel  illustrated  realistic fiction  culture  school  friendship 

The fifth grade. The threshold to puberty, and the beginning of the end of childhood innocence. Shuichi Nitori and his new friend Yoshino Takatsuki have happy homes, loving families, and are well-liked by their classmates. But they share a secret that further complicates a time of life that is awkward for anyone: Shuichi is a boy who wants to be a girl, and Yoshino is a girl who wants to be a boy.

Written and drawn by one of today's most critically acclaimed creators of manga, Shimura portrays Shuishi and Yoshino's very private journey with affection, gentle humor, and unmistakable flair and grace. This subtle story of gender and culture provides a sensitive introduction to LGBTQ concerns for young teen readers.

Recognition: MTV Geek's Best Manga Series List (2011)

Wandering Son Series Books in Order

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1. Wandering Son Volume 1  (2011)
2. Wandering Son Volume 2  (2012)
3. Wandering Son Volume 3  (2012)
4. Wandering Son Volume 4  (2013)
5. Wandering Son Volume 5  (2013)
6. Wandering Son Volume 6  (2014)
7. Wandering Son Volume 7  (2014)
8. Wandering Son Volume 8  (2015)