The Redwall Series

by Brian Jacques (Author)

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Reading level: Ages 10 and up
Books in series: 22
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Tags: adventure  fantasy  animal  action  medieval  royalty 

Redwall Abbey is a quasi-medieval fantasy setting, in which the inhabitants are peace-loving mice and other small animals, who seek adventure and fend off endless attacks by evil foxes, rats and weasels. These epic tales of good triumphing over evil are told in flowing prose and simply structured stories that bring to life Redwall and its surrounding Mossflower countryside.

The heroic characters are ones the reader not only becomes fond of, but also learns to love and admire, as they uphold the Abbey's mission to keep the world peace and ordered. This imagined world of domestic detail and created mythology has captured the hearts of many children and made them readers for life.

Note: As is most popular, the books in this series are chronologically ordered according to 'Redwall' history, rather than by date of publication.

Readers who enjoy this series are likely to enjoy the Welkin Weasels series.

Redwall Series Books in Order

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1. Lord Brocktree  (2000)
2. Martin the Warrior  (1993)
3. Mossflower  (1988)
4. The Legend of Luke  (1999)
5. Outcast of Redwall  (1995)
6. Mariel of Redwall  (1991)
7. The Bellmaker  (1994)
8. Salamandastron  (1992)
9. Redwall  (1986)
10. Mattimeo  (1989)
11. The Pearls of Lutra  (1996)
12. The Long Patrol  (1997)
13. Marlfox  (1998)
14. The Taggerung  (2001)
15. Triss  (2002)
16. Loamhedge  (2003)
17. Rakkety Tam  (2004)
18. High Rhulain  (2005)
19. Eulalia!  (2007)
20. Doomwyte  (2008)
21. The Sable Quean  (2010)
22. The Rogue Crew  (2011)


This series has sustained action that keeps the stories moving along, as well as puzzles and poems to intrigue the reader. While the endings are not always happy for everyone, they are never dark, and this gentle treatment makes the books suitable for younger readers and children reading above their age level. Redwall is also a series enjoyed by many adults. The central characters are warm and engaging with admirable traits, while the setting is detailed and richly imaginative. The writing is highly skilful and consistent, introducing the reader to well-structured sentences and rolling prose. There are a good number of books in this series, and the stories are ones that will be read and reread.