The Artemis Fowl Series

by Eoin Colfer (Author)

Book Cover for the Artemis Fowl Series
Reading level: Ages 10 and up
Books in series: 10
Read in order: Yes
Next book: Finished
Tags: fantasy  adventure  action  mystery  magic  time travel 

Twelve-year-old Artemis Fowl is a millionaire, a genius and, above all, a criminal mastermind: the perfect anti-hero. Artemis combines the astuteness of Sherlock Holmes with the sangfroid of James Bond and the attitude of Attila the Hun. But even Artemis doesn't realise what he has taken on when he kidnaps a fairy, Captain Holly Short of LEPrecon Unit. These aren't the fairies of bedtime stories. These fairies are armed and they're dangerous. Artemis thinks he's got them just where he wants them, but then they stop playing by the rules...