The Toby Jones Series

by Michael Panckridge (Author) Brett Lee (Co-Author)

Book Cover for the Toby Jones Series
Reading level: Ages 8 and up
Books in series: 5
Read in order: No
Next book: Finished
Tags: sport  adventure  historical  fantasy  mystery  boys 

The first in a series of time-slip books that take the reader back to famous cricket matches of the past. Toby Jones and his classmates go to the MCG archives on a school excursion and there they meet the old and wise caretaker at the library, Jim Oldfield. Jim is amazed when he realises that Toby has the gift – Toby can see numbers and words whirl on the pages of old Wisdens, which means that he has the potential to travel back in time to cricket matches.

This unique gift means that Toby and his cricket-team friends – 12-year-old boys and girls who love the game on and off the field – have a time portal that opens them to adventure centred on their beloved game of cricket.

This series is written in conjunction with cricket legend, Brett Lee.