The Fablehaven Series

by Brandon Mull (Author) Brandon Dorman (Illustrator)

Book Cover for the Fablehaven Series
Reading level: Ages 9 and up
Books in series: 5
Read in order: Yes
Next book: Finished
Tags: fantasy  myth & legend  magic  adventure 

The world of Fablehaven is just that: a haven for fabled and mythical creatures - a place where mystical creatures are protected from the outside world. The price for this protection, is to abide by a treaty of rules; all who dwell in this protected environment, whether mortal or magical, must respect these rules. The most common rule is: 'the law of harvest', meaning you reap what you sow; more simply described as, "mischief for mischief, trouble for trouble, magic for magic." Break this law, and the magical protection is lost; you risk retaliation. And there's another risk: the magical borders that keep most mystical creatures out of certain domains - like the caretaker's house and grounds - dissolve on certain nights...

When brother and sister - 13-year-old Kendra and 11-year-old Seth Sorenson - visit their Grandparents at Fablehaven, they have no idea their Grandfather, Stan Sorenson is the current caretaker of this secret nature preserve. Nor do they realise the danger they unwittingly evoke, and the challenges they will have to meet to protect the safety of their worl

Fablehaven Series Books in Order

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1. Fablehaven  (2007)
2. Rise of the Evening Star  (2007)
3. Grip of the Shadow Plague  (2008)
4. Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary  (2010)
5. Keys to the Demon Prison  (2010)