The Alex Rider Series

by Anthony Horowitz (Author)

Book Cover for the Alex Rider Series
Alex Rider is a series of spy novels about a 14-year-old spy named Alex Rider. Raised by his uncle, Ian Rider, Alex travelled widely throughout the UK, Europe and the Americas, learning special skills such as rock climbing, scuba diving, and foreign languages. His unique set of skills and aptitude for languages made him uniquely placed to work as a spy, and he's recruited by Britain's MI6 to help them with unique missions. Inspired by the James Bond character - but about a much cooler young spy!

Note: Books in this series are also available as graphic novels.

Summary and books in the Alex Rider series

Tags: spy, mystery, action, adventure,
Series reading level: 11+
Books in series: 14
Should read in order? Yes
Next release: Finished

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Books in series order
1Stormbreaker  (2000)
2Point Blanc  (2001)
3Skeleton Key  (2002)
4Eagle Strike  (2003)
5Scorpia  (2004)
6Ark Angel  (2005)
7Snakehead  (2007)
8Crocodile Tears  (2009)
9Scorpia Rising  (2011)
10Russian Roulette: The Story of an Assassin  (2014)
+ Gadgets  (2005)
+ The Mission Files  (2004)
+ The White Carnation: An Exclusive Alex Rider Short Story  (2013)
+ Christmas at Gunpoint  (2008)