The Here's Hank Series

by Henry Winkler (Author) Lin Oliver (Illustrator)

Book Cover for the Here's Hank Series
Reading level: Ages 6 and up
Books in series: 10
Read in order: No
Tags: first chapter books  school  friendship  family  comedy & humour  illustrated 

A new series about the irrepressible Hank Zipzer especially for younger readers – Here's Hank stars the same Hank as in the bestselling Hank Zipzer series, only this time he's in 2nd grade!

Henry "Hank" Zipzer doesn't try to be funny, but he somehow always makes the kids in his class laugh. He's pretty bad at memorising stuff, and spelling is his worst subject. (But so are maths and reading!)

Perfect for newly independent or reluctant readers, the series has black and white illustrations, short chapters and a font developed specifically for dyslexic readers. Hank Zipzer is based on Henry Winkler's own experience of growing up with dyslexia, and the books raise awareness of learning difficulties with sensitivity and just the right dose of humour.

Please Note: This series has also been published under the title Young Hank Zipzer.