The 4F For Freaks Series

by Leigh Hobbs (Author)

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Reading level: Ages 7 and up
Books in series: 2
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Tags: illustrated  comedy & humour  friendship  school 

Class 4F is a mighty challenge for any teacher, with One-Eyed Eileen's gang of freaks and their naughty antics. But Miss Corker (alias Miss Schnorkel) works out a clever way to handle them. From the creator of 'Old Tom' and 'Horrible Harriet', and inspired by 25 years of teaching, comes another unforgettable cast of hilarious characters.

4F For Freaks Series Books in Order

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1. 4F For Freaks  (2006)
2. Freaks Ahoy!  (2007)

Press Reviews5

'A perfect read for reluctant readers with a zany sense of humour' [Sunday Star Times]. 'Once again, Leigh Hobbs has created a wicked but loveable set of characters. Packed with loads of drama, conflict and suspense, this is a real page turner, guaranteed to deliver a laugh on every page for both children and adults. And, to top it off, there's an exciting twist at the end. A daring and satirical book ...this is sure to be a big hit.' [Deidre Rabel, Midwest Book Review, USA]. 'one of the most profound, moving and monumental children's books that has ever been written. This never-before-told story of grade 4F will change your life. A classroom of freaks is an inspired idea allows his anarchic and outrageous funny drawings to carry the day.' [The Age]. '4F for freaks Hobbs's skill as artist and author is evident here. He has created a cast of unpleasant characters who appeal even as they repel. He uses alliteration and rhyme to powerful effect. The conclusion is superb, with a twist that leaves the reader pondering who has really won.' [Sunday Morning Herald].