The Hornblower Saga Series

by C.S. Forester (Author)

Book Cover for the Hornblower Saga Series
As a seventeen-year-old with a touch of seasickness, young Horatio Hornblower hardly cuts a dash in His Majesty's Navy. Yet from the moment he is ordered to board a French merchant ship in the Bay of Biscay and take command of crew and cargo, he proves his seafaring mettle on the waves. In 1793, on the eve of the Napoleon Wars, the young Midshipman receives his first command...

Please Note: The Hornblower Saga is presented here in order of the narrative's chronology rather than the order in which the books were published.

Summary and books in the Hornblower Saga series

Tags: classics, adventure, historical, seafaring, war,
Series reading level: 12+
Books in series: 12
Should read in order? Yes
Next release: Finished

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Books in series order
1Mr Midshipman Hornblower  (1950)
2Lieutenant Hornblower  (1952)
3Hornblower and the Hotspur  (1962)
4Hornblower and the Crisis  (1967)
5Hornblower and the Atropos  (1953)
6The Happy Return  (1937)
7A Ship of the Line  (1938)
8Flying Colours  (1938)
9Commodore Hornblower  (1945)
10Lord Hornblower  (1946)
11Hornblower in the West Indies  (1957)
+ Hornblower Companion  (1964)