The Stuff Happens Series

by Various Authors

Book Cover for the Stuff Happens Series
Reading level: Ages 7 and up
Books in series: 12
Read in order: No
Next book: Finished
Tags: realistic fiction  boys  school  family  friendship  comedy & humour 

Stuff Happens is an important new series for boys about everyday challenges. Created by Susannah McFarlane, the series is written by established authors such as authors Tony Wilson, Andrew Daddo, Philip Gwynne, Will Kostakis, Oliver Phommavanh, Scot Gardner, Justin D'Ath and James Roy. Each book features a different character and follows them as they overcome a particular everyday challenge.

Aimed at boys aged between 7 and 11, the Stuff Happens series explores those everyday struggles in life that boys can sometimes be reluctant to express: quarrels with mates, a bad day at school, fear of disappointing mum and dad, rejection and not fitting in.

Stuff Happens. Real-life stories about boys. Suitable for beginner and newly confident readers.

Stuff Happens Series Books in Order

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1. Stuff Happens: Jack  (2014)
2. Stuff Happens: Ned  (2014)
3. Stuff Happens: Sean  (2014)
4. Stuff Happens: Michael  (2014)
5. Stuff Happens: Fadi  (2015)
6. Stuff Happens: Ethan  (2015)
7. Stuff Happens: Cooper  (2015)
8. Stuff Happens: Lennie  (2015)
9. Stuff Happens: Tom  (2015)
10. Stuff Happens: Harry  (2015)
11. Stuff Happens: Dale  (2016)
12. Stuff Happens: Luke  (2016)