The Oracle Series

by Catherine Fisher (Author)

Book Cover for the Oracle Series
Reading level: Ages 11 and up
Books in series: 3
Read in order: Yes
Next book: Finished
Tags: myth & legend  action  mystery  religion 

Mirany lives in the hot desert country of Two Lands, a land beset by drought and anxious to seek peace with the Rain Queen. A shy and scared priestess, Mirany is the new Bearer, charged with carrying out perilous duties in rituals to honour the scorpion god. But the leading priestess seeks ultimate power and is conspiring to betray the god by substituting an imposter as the Oracle Archon – the god’s revered representative on earth.

Initially unsuspecting, Mirany  begins to receive direction from the scorpion god himself, soon teaming up with a scribe called Seth, a tomb thief known as The Jackal -  and Oblek, a drunken and sometimes violent musician. The four devise a high-risk plan and work together in order to find and protect the new Archon.

A compelling trilogy, full of action, betrayals and mystery, and drawing on the rituals of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. This fantasy world is richly-detailed and the adventure set against a backdrop that explores themes of ambition, motive and the implications of divinity.

Oracle Series Books in Order

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1. The Oracle  (2003)
2. The Archon  (2004)
3. The Scarab  (2005)