The Horrible Histories (Original) Series

by Terry Deary (Author) Neil Tonge (Author) Peter Hepplewhite (Author) Philip Reeve (Illustrator) Kate Sheppard (Illustrator) Martin Brown (Illustrator)

Book Cover for the Horrible Histories (Original) Series
Horrible Histories are history books with the guts left in! These illustrated accounts present the unusual, gory, and unpleasant facts of history with tongue-in-cheek humour guaranteed to appeal to children.

Recognition: Best Book with Facts in the Blue Peter Book Awards (2000); Best Book for Knowledge Award at the Blue Peter Book Awards 2001; Terry Deary tops the list of most-borrowed non-fiction children's authors every year (based on UK Library Survey); Terry Deary voted fifth most popular living children's author (2005 Guardian survey)

Summary and books in the Horrible Histories (Original) series

Tags: historical, illustrated, non fiction, humour, boys, culture,
Series reading level: 8+
Books in series: 23
Should read in order? No
Next release: Finished

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Books in series order
1Awesome Egyptians  (1993)
2Terrible Tudors  (1993)
3Blitzed Brits  (1994)
4Vicious Vikings  (1994)
5Vile Victorians  (1994)
6Groovy Greeks  (1996)
7Measly Middle Ages  (1996)
8Slimy Stuarts  (1996)
9Angry Aztecs  (1997)
10Awful Egyptians  (1997)
11Cut Throat Celts  (1997)
12Frightful First World War  (1998)
13Gorgeous Georgians  (1998)
14Terrifying Tudors  (1998)
15Rotten Romans  (1999)
16Savage Stone Age  (1999)
17Woeful Second World War  (1999)
18Incredible Incas  (2000)
19Smashing Saxons  (2000)
20Stormin' Normans  (2001)
21Barmy British Empire  (2002)
22Ruthless Romans  (2003)
23Villianous Victorians  (2004)