The Mission Survival Series

by Bear Grylls (Author)

Book Cover for the Mission Survival Series
Reading level: Ages 9 and up
Books in series: 8
Read in order: No
Next book: Finished
Tags: adventure  action  nature  sport  animal 

Mission: Survival
Location: The World's Most Inhospitable Places
Dangers: You name it...

Luckily, Beck Granger is no ordinary teenager – he's the world's youngest survival expert. If anyone can make it out alive, he can.

Adventurer and survival expert Bear Grylls shares his extensive knowledge of real survival strategies to craft an action-packed adventure series which is not only thrilling, but believable.

Mission Survival Series Books in Order

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1. Gold of the Gods  (2008)
2. Way of the Wolf  (2009)
3. Sands of the Scorpion  (2009)
4. Tracks of the Tiger  (2010)
5. Claws of the Crocodile  (2013)
6. Strike of the Shark  (2013)
7. Rage of the Rhino  (2014)
8. Lair of the Leopard  (2015)