The Circle of Magic Series

by Tamora Pierce (Author)

Book Cover for the Circle of Magic Series
Four elements of power, four mages-in-training learning to control them. Set in Emelan, a fantastical realm in a pseudo-renaissance era, the Circle of Magic introduces four young mages, Sandry, Tris, Daja & Briar, as they each learn to control their own special magical power and figure out how to best put these powers to use.

Summary and books in the Circle of Magic series

Tags: fantasy, adventure, magic,
Series reading level: 11+
Books in series: 4
Should read in order? Yes
Next release: Finished

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Books in series order
1Sandry's Book (The Magic in the Weaving)  (1997)
2Tris's Book (The Power in the Storm)  (1998)
3Daja's Book (The Fire in the Forging)  (1998)
4Briar's Book (The Healing in the Vine)  (1999)