The Winning Season Series

by Rich Wallace (Author)

Book Cover for the Winning Season Series
Reading level: Ages 8 and up
Books in series: 10
Read in order: No
Next book: Finished
Tags: sport  action  friendship  boys 

This series revolves around a group of sixth- and seventh-graders in a small New Jersey city. Each book tells the story of an aspiring athlete hoping to overcome physical, training and personal challenges, to achieve in their chosen sport. Full of sports action and compelling personal stories, this series covers a range of popular sports including soccer, basketball, baseball, running and football.

Winning Season Series Books in Order

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1. The Roar of the Crowd  (2004)
2. Technical Foul  (2004)
3. Fast Company  (2005)
4. Double Fake  (2005)
5. Emergency Quarterback  (2005)
6. Southpaw  (2006)
7. Dunk Under Pressure  (2006)
8. Takedown  (2006)
9. Curveball  (2007)
10. Second String  (2007)