The Spiderwick Chronicles Series

by Holly Black (Author) Tony DiTerlizzi (Author and Illustrator)

Book Cover for the Spiderwick Chronicles Series
5.00 5.00 (1 reviews)
Reading level: Ages 7 and up
Books in series: 9
Read in order: Yes
Next book: Finished
Tags: adventure  magic  fairies  illustrated  fantasy  family 

Five captivating books! One thrilling adventure!

The Grace children—nine-year-old twins, Jared and Simon, and their thirteen-year-old sister, Mallory—move with their mother into their uncle's decrepit house, 'Spiderwick Estate'. Soon the children encounter mysterious goings on: Mallory’s hair gets mysteriously knotted to the headboard of her bed; Simon’s tadpoles are frozen into an ice-cube tray. The house and yard are teeming with faeries, ogres, brownies, griffins, trolls and goblins!

The children discover an ancient hand-written book with information on faeries, hidden inside a chest in the attic, and befriend an excitable brownie named Thimbletack. So starts their magical adventure in a world of creatures they never knew existed!

Press Reviews5

"Appealing characters, well-measured suspense and an inviting package will lure readers" - [Publisher's Weekly]

"...marketed as too dangerous to read, handsomely designed, and extravagantly illustrated this packs quite a punch. Readers who are too young to read Harry Potter independently will find these have just the right amount of menace laced with appealing humor and are blessed with crisp pacing and, of course, DiTerlizzi's enticingly Gothic illustrations" - [Kirkus]

"With a plot full of twists and turns and wonderful illustrations, this is a book that will hook any reader or listener to a bizarre world that exists within our world, a remarkable creation of the authors' imagination." [Children's Literature]