The Jake Maddox Sports Series

by Jake Maddox (Author) Aburtov (Illustrator) Sean Tiffany (Illustrator)

Book Cover for the Jake Maddox Sports Series
These best-selling sports stories by Jake Maddox, with the assistance of a host of popular children's authors, are a hit with boys and girls alike!

Jake Maddox Sports stories are pumped-up, easy-to-read chapter books with an emphasis on speed, skill, and fair play, making them perfect for reluctant or emerging readers with a passion for action, adventure and sport. The boys and girls in these books face obstacles on the field, the court, the ice, or the half-pipe, and meet mental and social challenges as well. Readers discover that an athlete's inner game, persistence, and courage are just as important as a steady hand or a chance for a goal.

Teamed with Sean Tiffany's engaging illustrations, as well as bonus material such as discussion questions and writing prompts, the 'Jake Maddox' series is an excellent educational resource that kids aged 6+ won't want to put down.

Recognition: American Graphic Design Award (2007)

Summary and books in the Jake Maddox Sports series

Tags: sport, action, adventure, boys, cartoon,
Series reading level: 6+
Books in series: 66
Should read in order? No
Next release: Finished

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Books in series order
1BMX Bully  (2007)
2Board Rebel  (2007)
3Face-Off  (2007)
4Free Throw  (2007)
5Go-Kart Rush  (2007)
6Mr Strike Out  (2007)
7On the Line  (2007)
8Paintball Blast  (2007)
9Skate Park Challenge  (2007)
10Speedway Switch  (2007)
11Tennis Liar  (2007)
12Backup Goalie  (2008)
13Batter Up!  (2008)
14Motocross Double-Cross  (2008)
15Paintball Invasion  (2008)
16Quarterback Sneak  (2008)
17Slam Dunk Shoes  (2008)
18Snowboard Duel  (2008)
19Soccer Shootout  (2008)
20Diving off the Edge  (2009)
21Gridiron Bully  (2009)
22Free Climb  (2009)
23Hoop Hotshot  (2009)
24Karate Countdown  (2009)
25Kart Crash  (2009)
26Lacrosse Attack  (2009)
27Legend of the Lure  (2009)
28Skateboard Save  (2009)
29Takedown  (2009)
30The Hunter's Code  (2009)
31Wild Hike  (2009)
32Disc Golf Drive  (2010)
33Pit Crew Crunch  (2010)
34Pitcher Pressure  (2010)
35Race Car Rival  (2010)
36Record Run  (2010)
37Speed Camp  (2010)
38Stock Car Sabotage  (2010)
39Blizzard! A Survive! Story  (2010)
40Shark Attack! A Survive! Story  (2010)
41Shipwreck! A Survive! Story  (2010)
42Volcano! A Survive! Story  (2010)
43Geocache Surprise  (2011)
44Mountain Bike Hero  (2011)
45Whitewater Courage  (2011)
46Windsurfing Winner  (2011)
47Behind the Plate  (2012)
48BMX Challenge  (2012)
49Cowboy Up  (2012)
50Cycling Champion  (2012)
51Gold Medal Swim  (2012)
52Hockey Meltdown  (2012)
53Home-Field Football  (2012)
54Point Guard Prank  (2012)
55Relay Race Breakdown  (2012)
56Skateboard Struggle  (2012)
57Striker Assist  (2012)
58Track and Field Takedown  (2012)
59Paintball Problems  (2013)
60Board Battle  (2013)
61Kart Competition  (2013)
62Beach Bully  (2013)
63Touchdown Triumph  (2015)
64Soccer Shake-Up  (2015)
65Hoop Hustle  (2015)
66Caught Stealing  (2015)