Freak Street Bumper Super-Freaky Activity Book

by Knife and Packer (Authors/Illustrators)

Book Cover for Freak Street Bumper Super-Freaky Activity Book

Companion book
Pages: 64
Greetings, Freaky Fans! The Freak Street crew is back with an all-freaky, all-awesome, all-for-you activity book!

Learn how to draw freaky characters and make your own graphic novel. With Freak Street facts, mazes, quizzes and more!

WARNING! To all parents of Freaky Fans: This book contains seriously awesome and addictive activities. If you give your child a copy of this book, not only will you look like the coolest parent in the universe, but also you may not see your child again for many days... Don't be surprised when your child disappears for hours on end, face buried in this book. We warned you. Don't make us say we told you so...

Freak Street Series—Summary and Book Order

Series: Freak Street
Reading level: 7+
Books in series: 19
Read in order? No
Tags: comedy & humour  science fiction  paranormal  magic  cartoon 

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Books in series order

1.   Meet the Aliensons  (2008)
2.   Meet the Humansons  (2008)
3.   Meet the Wizardsons  (2008)
4.   Meet the Zombiesons  (2008)
5.   Aliensons on Holiday  (2009)
6.   Humansons on Holiday  (2009)
7.   Wizardsons on Holiday  (2009)
8.   Zombiesons on Holiday  (2009)
9.   Aliensons' Time Machine  (2010)
10.   Humansons' Time Machine  (2010)
11.   Wizardsons' Time Machine  (2010)
12.   Zombiesons' Time Machine  (2010)
13.   Meet the Vampiresons  (2012)
14.   Meet the Supersons  (2012)
15.   Meet the Werewolfsons  (2013)
16.   Meet the Piratesons  (2014)
17.   Meet the Mummysons  (2015)
18.   Meet the Spysons  (2016)
+   Freak Street Bumper Super-Freaky Activity Book  (2011)