by Carole Wilkinson (Author)

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   Book 1   
Pages: 333
Ancient China, Han Dynasty. A slave girl saves the life of an aging dragon and escapes her brutal master. Pursued by a ruthless dragon hunter, the girl and the dragon make an epic journey across China carrying a mysterious stone that must be protected.

This is the story of a young slave girl who believes she is not worthy of a name but finds within herself the strength and courage to make this perilous journey - and do what must be done.

Recognition: Children's Book Council of Australia Awards for Book of the Year: Younger Readers (2004), Kids Own Australian Literature Awards (KOALA) for Older Readers (2006), Queensland Premier's Literary Awards for Children's Book Award - Mary Ryan's Award (2004), Aurealis Award for Young Adult Novel (2003)

Dragonkeeper Series—Summary and Book Order

Series: Dragonkeeper
Reading level: 8+
Books in series: 7
Read in order? Yes
Next release: Finished
Tags: fantasy  adventure  dragon  culture  myth & legend  magic 

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Books in series order

+   Dragon Dawn  (2007)
+   The Dragon Companion  (2007)
1.   Dragonkeeper  (2003)
2.   Garden of the Purple Dragon  (2005)
3.   Dragon Moon  (2007)
4.   Blood Brothers  (2012)
5.   Shadow Sister  (2014)