Down to the Liar

by Mary Elizabeth Summer (Author)

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Companion book
   Book 0   
Pages: 64
Published: 2015

Julep Dupree is a lot of things – fixer, grifter, master of disguise. But one thing she isn't is okay. Dealing with the emotional aftermath of the death of someone close to  her is proving difficult, especially for someone who isn't supposed to care. 
Then a friend of a friend hires Julep's team to stop a cadre of cyber bullies, forcing Julep to run an impossible con. Nothing Julep has been through could possibly have prepared her for the truth behind the bullying, or for the demons she'll have to face to save her friends.

Down to the Liar also features a teaser to Trust Me, I'm Trouble!

Series Summary

Series: Trust Me
Tags: action mystery crime romance humour school
Series reading level: 13+
Books in series: 3
Should read in order? Yes
Next release: Finished

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Books in series order
+ Down to the Liar  (2015)
1Trust Me, I'm Lying  (2014)
2Trust Me, I'm Trouble  (2015)