Dorrie and the Birthday Eggs

by Patricia Coombs (Author/Illustrator)

Book Cover for Dorrie and the Birthday Eggs

   Book 8   
Pages: 48

Eggs all over the floor—little witch Dorrie and her cat Gink were in trouble! It was the Big Witch's birthday and now her cake would not be ready on time – in fact, there might not be a cake at all, for Cook had no more eggs. Dorrie and Gink decided to help by getting more eggs from the Egg Witch, but Thinnever Vetch was lurking in the forest, waiting for an opportunity to make mischief. In this exciting, chaotic and funny Little Witch tale, Dorrie must try to stop Thinnever Vetch from playing dangerous tricks on them all!

Dorrie the Little Witch Series—Summary and Book Order

Series: Dorrie the Little Witch
Reading level: 6+
Books in series: 20
Read in order? No
Next release: Finished
Tags: classics  illustrated  magic  comedy & humour  fantasy  first chapter books 

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Books in series order

1.   Dorrie's Magic  (1962)
2.   Dorrie and the Blue Witch  (1964)
3.   Dorrie's Play  (1965)
4.   Dorrie and the Weather-Box  (1966)
5.   Dorrie and the Witch Doctor  (1967)
6.   Dorrie and the Wizard's Spell  (1968)
7.   Dorrie and the Haunted House  (1970)
8.   Dorrie and the Birthday Eggs  (1971)
9.   Dorrie and the Goblin  (1972)
10.   Dorrie and the Fortune Teller  (1973)
11.   Dorrie and the Amazing Magic Elixir  (1974)
12.   Dorrie and the Witch's Imp  (1975)
13.   Dorrie and the Halloween Plot  (1976)
14.   Dorrie and the Dreamyard Monsters  (1977)
15.   Dorrie and the Screebit Ghost  (1979)
16.   Dorrie and the Witchville Fair  (1980)
17.   Dorrie and the Witches' Camp  (1983)
18.   Dorrie and the Museum Case  (1986)
19.   Dorrie and the Pin Witch  (1989)
20.   Dorrie and the Haunted Schoolhouse  (1992)