by Alexander Gordon Smith (Author)

Book Cover for Execution

   Book 5   
Pages: 336

The whole world has become a prison, and Alfred Furnace is its master. Monsters rule the streets, beasts of pure fury that leave nothing but murder and madness in their wake. Those who do not die are turned, becoming slaves to Furnace's reign of cruelty. It is a war to end all wars, one that will leave the planet in ruins. I am a monster too. I am one of Alfred Furnace's children. And I am the only one who can stop him. I have to find a way to use my powers to destroy Furnace, but in doing so I risk becoming the very force that kills us all. I don't know if I am the executed or the executioner. I don't know who will die: me, Furnace or the entire human race. All I know is that one way or another, it all ends today.

Escape From Furnace Series—Summary and Book Order

Series: Escape From Furnace
Reading level: 13+
Books in series: 5
Read in order? Yes
Next release: Finished
Website: www.escapefromfurnace.com
Tags: fantasy  crime  action  boys  mystery  horror 

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Books in series order

1.   Lockdown  (2009)
2.   Solitary  (2009)
3.   Death Sentence  (2009)
4.   Fugitives  (2010)
5.   Execution  (2011)