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Lauren Katherine Conrad, often referred to as 'L.C.', is an American television personality, actress, author and fashion designer. She is best known for being featured in the MTV reality series 'Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County' and for her spin-off show, 'The Hills', which followed her personal and professional life as she pursued a career in the fashion industry. She is the author of two best-selling book series for young adults, loosely based on her experience of growing up as a reality-television star, as well as two non-fiction books about fashion and beauty.

Author's Comment: Q) Who is the fictional character you most identify with?

A) I know it's cheesy, but Jane from my own books, because she is me. I'm very aware of my flaws, and I think they are an important part of the character. Jane definitely comes across as a bit naive, which I am pretty often. She can be eagerly persuaded, which can be an issue. It's all things that I've dealt with, and issues that I recognize and have learned from. A lot of it was just reliving arguments that I had had. When you think of an argument you had with a friend, you get heated re-thinking it. I was that way while writing. And I'd be arguing with myself, because I write both sides. But it's kind of cool when you're into your writing, when you're not really concerned with how it sounds. It's how it flows.

Nationality: American

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