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Katharine McGee grew up in Houston, Texas. After studying English and French literature at Princeton University, she went on to complete an MBA from Stanford. She then worked as an assistant editor for a New York publishing company while she wrote in her spare time. Intrigued with the idea of how Americans might embrace a royal family of their own, she wrote a novel exploring the concept. Her agent wasn't taken with the idea, however, and that book manuscript was put aside for several years. 
Disappointed but not undeterred, Katharine developed another concept for young adult readers: a young adult sci-fi romance. Set among the floors of a towering skyscraper, The Thousandth Floor series depicts a glamorous world 100 years in the future, world where residents hop on super-fast transportation systems to reach homes, stores, parks, and schools.
After the success of The Thousandth Floor trilogy, Katharine McGee returned to her original concept of an American royal family, exploring and redeveloping the concept into the popular American Royals series. 
Katharine continues to write and lives in her hometown of Houston, Texas with her husband and son.

Author's Comment: “You should always write stories you’d like to read."

Nationality: American

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