Tui T. Sutherland

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Tui (who is named after a species of bird from New Zealand) was born July 31 in Caracas, Venezuela, and lived in Paraguay, Miami and the Dominican Republic, before moving to New Jersey in high school, where she started doing theatre. She graduated from Williams College in 1998 and currently lives in Boston with her husband, their two children, and an extremely patient little dog named Sunshine.

Much to her  parents' relief, Tui abandoned her theatrical aspirations after college for the far more stable and lucrative career of fiction writing (HA!). She's now written about 40 books for children and teens, ranging in age from sticker books and easy-to-reads (Meet Mo and Ella, Fun with Mo and Ella) to middle-grade and YA novels. She has also joined the Erin Hunter team as one of four authors working on the ever popular Warriors and Seekers books.

Nationality: Venezuelan-American

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