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Born at an early age, Dan Metcalf knew exactly what he was going to be when he grew up – tall. This was achieved before he even got to secondary school and so another career was decided on. The life of a chocolate teapot salesman is however fairly temperamental and so he decided to move to a job which was comparatively reliable – a writer.

He has written for radio, screen and magazines but is best known as the author of The Lottie Lipton Adventures (although he is also known as ‘That Weirdy Beardy Guy’). He is a full time writer and his biggest ambition is write a major children's adventure series and create a superhero comic.

Author's Comment:
What's your best advice for problem-solving?

Remove all distractions and concentrate fully on the puzzle you are trying to crack! Look for links and connections in the puzzle that might give away how to solve it. And never give up!

Nationality: British

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