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Kim is one of Australia's leading illustrators for children. He was born in Sydney and worked in a variety of occupations before beginning to illustrate stories for children. His first assignment was for the School Magazine. It was there he met Anna Fienberg, and the two have worked together for many years, not only on Tashi but also on the Minton series and other picture books. Kim's interests include reading, music, gardens, walking, making things and painting. He has two girls, Arielle, born in 1986, and Greer, born 1990, who both love reading. He describes himself as fairly relaxed, loving, curious, grateful, a bit confused and often happy, especially when the pictures flow, and he thinks Odilon Redon and Marc Chagall are truly 'great artists'. He barracks for the Newcastle Knights.

Author's Comment: I've always loved drawing, both for its own sake and to get things out of my system. As the youngest of four, whenever I was angry because I wasn't getting my own way, I'd go into my room, take a sheet of paper and a pencil, fill the sky with jet planes and draw soldiers all over the ground. Then I'd attack them - zzzooomm BLAT! BOOM! BLAT! - with long fast lines and lots of squiggles. After ten minutes, the ground was a mess of destruction and I'd feel much better. I also drew flowers, when I couldn't contain my happiness.

Nationality: Australian

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Tashi - Age 6 & up